Suspenders and Why You Never Need to Own Any

Suspenders and Why You Never Need to Own Any

Suspenders are straps composed of leather and/or a fabric that are designed to be worn over the shoulders in order to hold up pants or trousers worn on the lower body. The straps on such products typically form either a “X” shape or a “Y” shape on the back region of the body and may or may not be elasticated. On the bottom region of the suspenders, or, the part where the suspenders attach to the pants or trousers, there are usually braces that include clips. In some instances, there are buttons that include tabs composed of leather. While various fashion accessories that resemble suspenders have been around for well over 300 years, the suspenders that we are familiar with today were invented by Albert Thurston in the year of 1820. While suspenders are still considered to be stylish and functional by many men, it is no longer considered to be trendy or necessary to even own a pair of suspenders. Continue reading to discover why….


While suspenders have been worn throughout history as a fashion statement, the purpose and intent of the accessory is holding up the pants or trousers. While the functionality of suspenders DOES make them a favorable option among many, suspenders are not required to hold up the pants or trousers. You can go ahead and throw those suspenders in your closet away. Do you know why? A belt has the same level of functionality. In fact, according to most men, belts are the optimal solution to holding up the pants or trousers. Many men wear a combination of both suspenders and a belt; however, this is not necessary and it is a serious fashion blunder. Not only are the two fashion accessories unnecessary together, they make your body resemble a rectangle and that is totally unappealing. If you want to obtain respect and display a high level of fashion-sense, throw out those suspenders and opt for a belt!

High Rise Waistlines Are Out

The original purpose and intent of suspenders was to hold up trousers that included a high rise waistline. Trousers that have a high rise waistline are those that have an excessively long measurement from the bottom of the crotch region to the top of the pants where the trousers stop on the abdominal region. Today, these types of pants are obsolete. Suspenders are not being worn with the right types of pants. Additionally, these fashion accessories are unnecessary elongating the torso region, making the legs appear shorter, and creating a silhouette that appears to sag. As a result, the wearer appears less-than-elegant. Why wear suspenders with pants that have a low waist line? Instead, throw out the suspenders and throw on a belt!


Suspenders are a classic fashion accessory that was designed for the way that classic clothing was designed. Modern pants and trousers do not have the high waist lines that were common when suspenders were popular; therefore, it is not necessary to opt for suspenders. Instead, one should opt for a belt. Not only does it look more elegant, it allows the shape of the body to flow naturally, reducing the rigid corners that suspenders are known to create. If you feel the need to wear suspenders, you should consider utilizing only those that may be worn underneath the shirt. Yes, there are suspenders that may be worn underneath clothing. In fact, at one point in history, men ALWAYS wore their suspenders under their clothing. If you are interested in functional fashion, just lose the suspenders and wrap your belt around your waist!

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