How Much Bling is the Right Amount in a Meeting?

How Much Bling is the Right Amount in a Meeting?

More and more professional men are starting to develop an interest in wearing their “bling” or flashy jewelry on the job because these types of fashion accessories not only personalize a look, but, reflect certain aspects of the personality. While it is important to have the courage to reflect yourself as a unique individual, if you have business meetings lined up, it is not a good idea to load yourself down with flashy or fancy jewelry and other types of fashion accessories. In fact, it is imperative that you dress like the professional that your workplace hired you to be or dress like the professional that you have a desire to be given the opportunity to be within the workplace. You must always strive to make a first impression.

It is a known fact that people in both your personal life and your professional life will judge you by the way that you appear. Despite our best effort to be non-judgmental, the reality is that we each have the potential to make decisions about people within a few seconds of meeting them. For the next minute or so after we have made our decisions, we confirm the impressions about those people. Due to these facts, this indicates that, in most instances, before you have even said anything, you have not only been sized up by those around you, but, you have also been profiled. This means that you should always strive to dress in the neatest manner possible, in the most professional way that you are capable, and appropriately for the occasion. If you have a desire to wear your bling to a meeting, it should be minimal and correspond with your attire. Otherwise, you will appear lavish, unprofessional, and completely out of place.

When determining what to wear to a meeting and if it is appropriate to wear your bling to that meeting, it is essential to know and understand that what we wear has a transformation effect. This is referred to as the “powers of clothing”. Believe it or not, your attire and the fashion accessories that you elect to wear not only have the ability to transform your state of mind, but, those items also have the ability to transform the state of minds of those people in which you come in contact. The transformation effect that clothing and fashion accessories cause is not only instant, but, it is extremely powerful. By knowing about this transformation effect, you will be better able to determine the amount of bling, if any, that is appropriate to wear at your next meeting.

There have been a large number of studies conducted on communication throughout history. All of these studies have confirmed that visuals have extreme power over humans. In fact, visual cues are considered to be up to five times more powerful than audio-based cues. Clothing and fashion accessories typically cover up to 90% of your body. These items are considered to be hefty visual cues about you as an individual, what is important to you, and how you want to be perceived. If you want to acquire respect, you must pay special attention to your clothing and accessories options. The same holds true if you desire to capture the attention for a promotion, want to be taken seriously, and want to appear ambitious. If your bling contradicts your desires, it should be left at home when you attend your next meeting. Clothing and bling are not intended to be shown off as individual pieces, but rather, to show you off as a person.

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