How Loud Can a Belt Be Without Killing a Look?

How Loud Can a Belt Be Without Killing a Look?

The wrong belt can totally kill a fashion look, especially if it is too loud. Although belts were created mainly to hold up your pants and make them fit, they have become a huge part of a guy’s overall look. However, exactly when does a belt go beyond its main purpose and cross the line into being too loud, tacky or over the top? The answer to this depends on many different things, and the following addresses a few of these things in more detail.


When it comes to style, what one man considers fashionable may be totally outlandish to another. Some men have a bold sense of style, but others could care less about what they wear. They see a belt as just being a belt. It is merely used to make their pants fit better.

So, if a man walks into the room with a tall cowboy hat and a belt with a bulky brass buckle, is his belt choice wrong? Is his choice of fashion accessory too garish? The western look is what he likes; however someone else might say that the belt is too brassy and over the top. Each man has to develop his own sense of fashion style and the belt is a part of his personal brand.


Yes, a belt buckle can make or break a look. Wearing a big belt buckle is not a fashion faux pas if it is worn correctly. Keep in mind that buckles come in different styles, sizes, materials and colors. Just make sure that your belt buckle compliments your overall look. A bright and gaudy cowboy belt probably won’t look professional in a business setting, unless you are the owner of the company or the company sells western motif. So, choose wisely.

Basically, you have to know how to match your belt to the outfit and the occasion so that you don’t seem loud and over the top. Also, make sure that your gold or silver buckle matches with the rest of your accessories so that they don’t clash and look gaudy.


Usually men wear either black or brown belts, with brown being the most common color worn. A black or brown belt is normally worn with business suits or for formal events. Any other color in this type of setting is too loud and will make any man stand out like a sore thumb.

Other fashion colors can be worn in more casual settings depending on your sense of style. There are those who would feel comfortable with wearing grey belts with grey shoes or even white belts with white shoes. However, make sure that the belt goes with the outfit and event.

All in all, most men wear simple brown or black belts. However, if you are one of those men who like to walk on the wild side of fashion and experiment with various types of belts, remember to match it to the event and outfit. Big buckles, loud colors, gaudy emblems are not suitable for most business or formal environments. Keep it simple and conservative when in these settings. But depending on your sense of style, you can be bolder in more casual settings.

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