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How Loud Can a Belt Be Without Killing a Look?

How Loud Can a Belt Be Without Killing a Look?

The wrong belt can totally kill a fashion look, especially if it is too loud. Although belts were created mainly to hold up your pants and make them fit, they have become a huge part of a guy’s overall look. However, exactly when does a belt go beyond its main purpose and cross the line into being too loud, tacky or over the top? The answer to this depends on many different things, and the following addresses a few of these things in more detail.


When it comes to style, what one man considers fashionable may be totally outlandish to another. Some men have a bold sense of style, but others could care less about what they wear. They see a belt as just being a belt. It is merely used to make their pants fit better.

So, if a man walks into the room with a tall cowboy hat and a belt with a bulky brass buckle, is his belt choice wrong? Is his choice of fashion accessory too garish? The western look is what he likes; however someone else might say that the belt is too brassy and over the top. Each man has to develop his own sense of fashion style and the belt is a part of his personal brand.


Yes, a belt buckle can make or break a look. Wearing a big belt buckle is not a fashion faux pas if it is worn correctly. Keep in mind that buckles come in different styles, sizes, materials and colors. Just make sure that your belt buckle compliments your overall look. A bright and gaudy cowboy belt probably won’t look professional in a business setting, unless you are the owner of the company or the company sells western motif. So, choose wisely.

Basically, you have to know how to match your belt to the outfit and the occasion so that you don’t seem loud and over the top. Also, make sure that your gold or silver buckle matches with the rest of your accessories so that they don’t clash and look gaudy.


Usually men wear either black or brown belts, with brown being the most common color worn. A black or brown belt is normally worn with business suits or for formal events. Any other color in this type of setting is too loud and will make any man stand out like a sore thumb.

Other fashion colors can be worn in more casual settings depending on your sense of style. There are those who would feel comfortable with wearing grey belts with grey shoes or even white belts with white shoes. However, make sure that the belt goes with the outfit and event.

All in all, most men wear simple brown or black belts. However, if you are one of those men who like to walk on the wild side of fashion and experiment with various types of belts, remember to match it to the event and outfit. Big buckles, loud colors, gaudy emblems are not suitable for most business or formal environments. Keep it simple and conservative when in these settings. But depending on your sense of style, you can be bolder in more casual settings.

Suspenders and Why You Never Need to Own Any

Suspenders and Why You Never Need to Own Any

Suspenders are straps composed of leather and/or a fabric that are designed to be worn over the shoulders in order to hold up pants or trousers worn on the lower body. The straps on such products typically form either a “X” shape or a “Y” shape on the back region of the body and may or may not be elasticated. On the bottom region of the suspenders, or, the part where the suspenders attach to the pants or trousers, there are usually braces that include clips. In some instances, there are buttons that include tabs composed of leather. While various fashion accessories that resemble suspenders have been around for well over 300 years, the suspenders that we are familiar with today were invented by Albert Thurston in the year of 1820. While suspenders are still considered to be stylish and functional by many men, it is no longer considered to be trendy or necessary to even own a pair of suspenders. Continue reading to discover why….


While suspenders have been worn throughout history as a fashion statement, the purpose and intent of the accessory is holding up the pants or trousers. While the functionality of suspenders DOES make them a favorable option among many, suspenders are not required to hold up the pants or trousers. You can go ahead and throw those suspenders in your closet away. Do you know why? A belt has the same level of functionality. In fact, according to most men, belts are the optimal solution to holding up the pants or trousers. Many men wear a combination of both suspenders and a belt; however, this is not necessary and it is a serious fashion blunder. Not only are the two fashion accessories unnecessary together, they make your body resemble a rectangle and that is totally unappealing. If you want to obtain respect and display a high level of fashion-sense, throw out those suspenders and opt for a belt!

High Rise Waistlines Are Out

The original purpose and intent of suspenders was to hold up trousers that included a high rise waistline. Trousers that have a high rise waistline are those that have an excessively long measurement from the bottom of the crotch region to the top of the pants where the trousers stop on the abdominal region. Today, these types of pants are obsolete. Suspenders are not being worn with the right types of pants. Additionally, these fashion accessories are unnecessary elongating the torso region, making the legs appear shorter, and creating a silhouette that appears to sag. As a result, the wearer appears less-than-elegant. Why wear suspenders with pants that have a low waist line? Instead, throw out the suspenders and throw on a belt!


Suspenders are a classic fashion accessory that was designed for the way that classic clothing was designed. Modern pants and trousers do not have the high waist lines that were common when suspenders were popular; therefore, it is not necessary to opt for suspenders. Instead, one should opt for a belt. Not only does it look more elegant, it allows the shape of the body to flow naturally, reducing the rigid corners that suspenders are known to create. If you feel the need to wear suspenders, you should consider utilizing only those that may be worn underneath the shirt. Yes, there are suspenders that may be worn underneath clothing. In fact, at one point in history, men ALWAYS wore their suspenders under their clothing. If you are interested in functional fashion, just lose the suspenders and wrap your belt around your waist!

How Much Bling is the Right Amount in a Meeting?

How Much Bling is the Right Amount in a Meeting?

More and more professional men are starting to develop an interest in wearing their “bling” or flashy jewelry on the job because these types of fashion accessories not only personalize a look, but, reflect certain aspects of the personality. While it is important to have the courage to reflect yourself as a unique individual, if you have business meetings lined up, it is not a good idea to load yourself down with flashy or fancy jewelry and other types of fashion accessories. In fact, it is imperative that you dress like the professional that your workplace hired you to be or dress like the professional that you have a desire to be given the opportunity to be within the workplace. You must always strive to make a first impression.

It is a known fact that people in both your personal life and your professional life will judge you by the way that you appear. Despite our best effort to be non-judgmental, the reality is that we each have the potential to make decisions about people within a few seconds of meeting them. For the next minute or so after we have made our decisions, we confirm the impressions about those people. Due to these facts, this indicates that, in most instances, before you have even said anything, you have not only been sized up by those around you, but, you have also been profiled. This means that you should always strive to dress in the neatest manner possible, in the most professional way that you are capable, and appropriately for the occasion. If you have a desire to wear your bling to a meeting, it should be minimal and correspond with your attire. Otherwise, you will appear lavish, unprofessional, and completely out of place.

When determining what to wear to a meeting and if it is appropriate to wear your bling to that meeting, it is essential to know and understand that what we wear has a transformation effect. This is referred to as the “powers of clothing”. Believe it or not, your attire and the fashion accessories that you elect to wear not only have the ability to transform your state of mind, but, those items also have the ability to transform the state of minds of those people in which you come in contact. The transformation effect that clothing and fashion accessories cause is not only instant, but, it is extremely powerful. By knowing about this transformation effect, you will be better able to determine the amount of bling, if any, that is appropriate to wear at your next meeting.

There have been a large number of studies conducted on communication throughout history. All of these studies have confirmed that visuals have extreme power over humans. In fact, visual cues are considered to be up to five times more powerful than audio-based cues. Clothing and fashion accessories typically cover up to 90% of your body. These items are considered to be hefty visual cues about you as an individual, what is important to you, and how you want to be perceived. If you want to acquire respect, you must pay special attention to your clothing and accessories options. The same holds true if you desire to capture the attention for a promotion, want to be taken seriously, and want to appear ambitious. If your bling contradicts your desires, it should be left at home when you attend your next meeting. Clothing and bling are not intended to be shown off as individual pieces, but rather, to show you off as a person.

7 Words Successful Men Say Every Day and Why They Make Others Want to Follow Their Lead

7 Words Successful Men Say Every Day and Why They Make Others Want to Follow Their Lead

Have you ever wondered how men become successful? Do you find yourself envying those that people tend to naturally gravitate towards? Do you find yourself enthralled by a particular person and following their lead? Do you want to become a successful man and be the type of person that others want to follow? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you will benefit in an exceptional manner from this guide as we are going to share the secret that will help become instantly liked, admired, and followed by others. It is not in the clothes that you wear. It is not in your looks. It is a combination of your attitude, your personality, and the words that you use. In this guide, you will learn about how your words could result in admiration from others. You will learn the 7 words successful men say on a daily basis and why those men make others want to follow their lead.

  1. 1. Can” – It is a known fact a word has the ability to convey confidence. Confidence may then transform into power. One of the most common words that successful men use daily is the word “can”. They avoid noncommittal words such as “maybe”. Instead, they use committal words like “can”. Successful men know and understand their capabilities. They never question themselves. Their confidence inspires those around them and they become insanely popular. If you want to inspire and to be followed by others, integrate the word, “can” into your vocabulary.
  2. 2. Will” – According to studies, the words that you speak say just as much about you as your attitude and the clothes that you wear. Successful men always use the word “will” in their vocabulary. You know why? Because they have the confidence that they WILL do whatever is being arranged.
  3. 3. Always” – Successful men have unwavering confidence. This, in turn, results in a positive attitude. They utilize the word “always” in their day to day lives. They set goals, they make commitments, and they do not act in a half-hearted fashion.
  4. 4. Know” – Successful men are not merely positive; everything that they do is backed by knowledge. As a result, they use the word “know” very often. They “know” their capabilities, they “know” the capabilities of others, and they “know” that what they set out to do WILL be done.
  5. 5. Definitely” – Successful men know and understand that everything is very much a definite. These individuals only commit to that which they are confident. As a result of this, “definitely” is often used within their vocabulary, each day.
  6. 6. Responsibility” – Successful men take responsibility for their actions. They know that responsibility is a necessity. They commit and act responsibly in all areas of their life. As a result, the word, “responsibility” is an everyday word.
  7. 7. Commit” – Nearly all men make commitments on a daily basis. The difference between an ordinary man and an extraordinary man is that they succeed in keeping the commitments in which they make. “Commit” is a common word among all that are considered to be inspiring and successful.

The power of a successful man is preceded by the power of the words in which that man speaks. By speaking powerful words, the man becomes powerful and brings out the power of each individual that he comes in contact. People follow successful men because they are generous with their expertise and encourage success in others. When others experience success, they celebrate that success. People gravitate towards successful men because those successful men help them discover purpose in life, and uncover their passion.

The Button Guide: What Buttons Can be Left Undone on a Jackets, Sleeve and Shirt Without Looking Sloppy

The Button Guide: What Buttons Can be Left Undone on a Jackets, Sleeve and Shirt Without Looking Sloppy

When it comes to fashion, all men want to look great, but they also want to be comfortable as well. However, this is hard to do for some looks, and unfortunately, buttons have a lot to do with this. Don’t you hate to button up shirts all the way to the top? They practically cut off your blood circulation, right? Or, what about when your jacket is so snug that you think you’re going to pop a button off? Are you one of those guys who hates buttons in general? So, to button or not to button. What are you going to do?

The Right Attitude

First, you’ll have to get the right attitude. Buttons can be inconvenient, but on the other hand, if you don’t button them up, you’ll probably look very unkempt and sloppy. This is not the look that you want for formal or business events. So, even if you hate clothes with buttons, you can’t avoid them. Hopefully, the following guide will provide a few tips on how to wear buttons without looking like a slob:


  • For single breasted single button suits, always button the single button on the suit when standing. It is the only button on the jacket, which shouldn’t make things too hard to remember. But don’t forget to unbutton it before you sit down.
  • For single breasted suits with two buttons, always button the top button and leave the bottom button undone. Once again, remember to button the button before sitting down.
  • For single breasted jackets with three buttons, the rules are somewhat the same. Always button the middle button, but never button the bottom button. You have a choice with the top button. It can be buttoned or left unbuttoned.


There are two types of buttons on your shirt cuffs. They are casual buttons and the more formal French cuffs. In formal settings, both types of buttons should always be buttoned up. The French formal look can actually be worn with cufflinks for fashion reasons.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts can be worn both casually and formally. Mostly, men want to know whether or not to button up the top two buttons on a shirt. Quite naturally, if you are wearing a tie, they must be buttoned. However, without a tie, a button down shirt looks presentable when worn with these two buttons undone. Never unbutton more than three buttons at a time. This is not a good look even when worn with a jacket

More than two buttons can make you look like the resident disco king. Button up for formal events, and unbutton for casual events. The same thing can be said for the little buttons that are on the collar.

All in all, following these simple and basic rules can help tremendously. Not only will they help you to look great, but they will also provide comfort. In addition, knowing the rules for wearing men’s fashions also makes you seem more presentable and polished. Looking dapper comes very easy for many men, but for others it just takes time. Learning how to wear buttons correctly is all a part of this process. Follow the aforementioned rules, and you will be on the right track.

When A Bow Tie Is Acceptable (And How To Tie It)

When a Bow Tie is Acceptable and How to Tie it

When is it okay for a man to wear a bow tie? Well, this answer depends on many different factors. This is because the bow tie is considered a different type of clothing accessory that always seems to get a lot of attention. Could it be the fact that a majority of men wear regular long ties, and the bow tie sticks out because it is tiny and short?

Is this because of the perception that many people have about it? Or is it just because it is a very distinctive piece of fashion accessory? Wearing a bow tie shouldn’t be so complicated, but there are a few things that you should take into account if you want to wear one.


First, a bow tie does not look good on every type of man. Not all men can pull off this type of fashion look successfully. You have to have the right type of style, personality and even body build. Also, people have various perceptions of a man who wears a bow tie. In error, many of these perceptions are silly. For instance, they might wonder whether or not he is a nerd or even a Muslim.

However, there is nothing wrong with intellectuals or people of faith who want to wear bow ties. After all, it is just a fashion statement. It is a way for men to change up their style for different types of occasions, and he should be the one who gets to decide how to wear a bow tie and why.

The Attention Grabber

Rule of thumb is to never wear a bow tie to any event in which you want people to focus on you and not your clothing. This is because the bow tie is a different type of clothing accessory that always seems to get plenty of attention. Many times, a bow tie is a conversation starter because many of the designs are so unique.

But, this is not a good thing if you want someone to remember you and the things that you’ve said, and not what you were wearing. Thus, it would not be a good thing to wear a bow tie to a job interview or if you are in the sales profession.

Places to Wear a Bow Tie

Always be certain that it makes sense to wear a bow tie. Remember, bow ties shouldn’t be worn everywhere. They look good at formal events such as weddings, proms, art museums and church. They don’t look good in informal settings such as sporting events, on some jobs or in casual settings such as the beach. Wearing them to informal events might make you seem out of place.

Wearing the Bow Tie

Just like with a regular bow tie, there are regular bow ties that you must tie yourself, and there are pre-tied and clip on ties. Remember that clip on ties usually don’t look as good as the regular ties. They look stiff and too perfect. This is especially after they’ve been worn too many times. They tend to get mangled up to the point where the clip starts to show, and this can totally ruin the fashion statement that you are trying to make. All in all, just suck it up and learn how to tie your own bow tie. It’ll look so much better.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

How do you tie a bow tie? Just like with regular long ties, many men find them difficult to tie, even though they are much shorter. When tying them, you need to pay attention to the symmetry aspect of a bow tie. It has to be the same width on each side. But, even if there is a slight imperfection in the way that you tie your bow tie, this just makes it look even more believable. This is unlike the stiff look that clip on bow ties have. To learn how to tie a bow tie, go online and you can find numerous videos that give step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

All in all, bow ties make a clear fashion statement. This is why you have to make sure that it is worn in the right setting and for the right reasons. As long as you learn when it is appropriate to wear a bow tie and how to tie it, you’ll be all set and ready to go.

How to Dress for Her Office Event

How to Dress for Her Office Event

Your wife wants you to go with her to an office event, but you don’t know what to wear. What should you wear? This is going to depend on your relationship and your sense of style. If your wife coordinates your daily wardrobe, then she most likely will do the same thing for her office event. Things will be no different. She’s going to select your wardrobe for the event too. But if you normally pick out your own clothes, there may be a few changes.

What Does She Want?

You are going with your wife to an office event. If she normally has negative things to say about your clothing, then understand that she’s really going to be concerned about your clothing for this event. This is especially the case if she complains and says your clothing embarrasses her when the two of you are out in public. If she hates what you wear for regular events, understand that she is going to be extremely emotional when it comes to an office event.

She’s taking you around her co-workers, and this includes her boss and other members of the management team. This is not the time to embarrass her. So, what should you wear? If you want to continue being married, basically, whatever she tells you to wear. If she doesn’t like it, don’t wear it.

The Event

Dress for the event. If the event is the company’s summer picnic, dress accordingly. Chances are you will need to dress casually. You can’t go wrong with a pair of nice shorts, slacks or jeans with a crisp polo shirt.

If you are attending the company Christmas party, this is probably going to be a much more formal event. Dress slacks and a nice button down shirt will make you look presentable. You may also want to wear a jacket. However, don’t forget to tuck in your shirt and wear a belt. You don’t want to walk around all night looking like a drunken slob.

She Can Help

It’s great that you will be accompanying your wife to her office event. Make sure that you dress in a presentable manner. One of the best ways to get this right is to ask for her opinion. She can give you a few pointers on what to and what not to wear. It’s best to do this beforehand so that there are no arguments on the day of or night of the event.

All in all, it’s just a manner of planning your wardrobe for the event and making sure that it is something that she likes. Keep in mind that this is her event and not yours. Allow her to be a part of your decision making process so that she is okay with what you are wearing. This time around, the occasion is all about her and what she wants. This shouldn’t be a problem if you want to look great and make her happy at the same time.

To Tuck or Not to Tuck: When it is Acceptable to Leave a Dress Shirt Out in the Wind

o Tuck or Not to Tuck: When it is Acceptable to Leave a Dress Shirt Out in the Wind

Men’s fashion rules can be complicated and hard to follow. This is especially the case when you don’t know what they are. For example, a lot of men might not know when to tuck a dress shirt in or when to leave it out. Knowing how to wear dress clothes correctly does not come easy for some men. It is unlike wearing the simple tee shirt or jersey.

There are rules for wearing men’s dress shirts, and they must be followed. Knowing when and when not to tuck a shirt into your pants is very important. Basically, this will depend on a few factors, which may constantly change.

Shirt Design

How is the shirt made? Dress shirts are made differently and should be worn accordingly. Does it have a flat bottom hem, or does it have a tail? If a dress shirt has a flat bottom hem, you can wear it on the inside or outside of your pants. It will look good either way. However, if you are wearing a dress shirt that has a tail, it is designed to be tucked in. A dress shirt with a tail should never be worn on the outside.

Accompanying Clothes

What are you wearing with the dress shirt? Dress shirts are designed to be worn with dress clothing such as suits, dress slacks or jackets. When they are worn as a part of formal attire, dress shirts must be tucked in. This is so that you look handsome and well groomed.

However, for the guy who likes to wear dress shirts to informal events or in casual settings, it is up to you as to whether or not your dress shirt is tucked in or not. Some guys like to wear dress shirts with jeans, and dress shirts don’t have to be tucked in when paired with less formal items of clothing. But remember that if you start out wearing the shirt on the inside, don’t change your mind and take it out. This is because it will show plenty of wrinkles.

The Event

Where are you going? Some items of clothing are designed for different types of settings. The dress shirt is made to be worn in business or formal settings. Don’t wear dress slacks with a shirt that is not tucked in. This makes men look sloppy. This is especially the case if the shirt was once tucked in and has come undone. When this happens the shirt is usually wrinkled, and this is never a good look.

Whether or not you should tuck in your dress shirt depends on a few things. How is the shirt made? What are you wearing with the shirt? What event are you attending? All of these factors play into whether or not you should tuck your shirt in or leave it out. Once these things are taken into consideration, you can plan accordingly and always look presentable no matter where you go.

Changeable Straps On Watches Is The New Trend–Bonus: A Few Watches You Need To Try That Have Mastered The Multi-Use Look

Changeable Straps On Watches Is The New Trend–Bonus: A Few Watches You Need To Try That Have Mastered The Multi-Use Look

Watches are a must-have investment in jewellery for men. While other forms of jewellery, such as diamond stud earrings, rings, and necklaces, can be tricky for men to wear, the rules for wearing watches are relatively simple – metal straps for formal and business suits, leather straps for semi-formal and sporty outfits, and canvas straps for casual ensembles. Mixing and matching watches and outfits for a more adventurous approach to modern style are also acceptable.

And then here comes another modern trend that stylish men have adopted with open arms – watches with interchangeable straps. As the term implies, each watch has two or more straps that can be interchanged. Each set of straps usually has different colours, materials, and styles, albeit not sizes. Think of these watches as your ticket to getting two or three styles of watches from a single watch, a way of expanding your watch collection at a fraction of the price, and a clever method of changing your look from day to night.

This is a fashion trend that even the manliest of men will adopt for years to come!

Wide Range of Styles

Men have plenty of styles in straps to choose from. Each style, as characterized by the materials used, partly determines when, where and how the watch can be worn well.

• NATO style straps

These are nylon pass-through straps with two metal rings and a fixed metal buckle. One of rings is fitted just below the metal buckle’s end, which secures the strap’s tail after fastening.

You will love wearing watches with NATO style straps with casual and sporty ensembles because of their masculine, rugged appeal. Your choices in materials are aplenty, too, including stingray and linen in a wide range of colours. You can easily change the straps since these can slip through the lugs quickly.

• Canvas straps

These are also great for an everyday, casual look with a simpler style than the NATO straps. The masculine appearance adds to the handsome appeal of a dark jeans-and-white shirt outfit, a combination that attracts men and women alike.

• Leather straps

These are probably the best investments in men’s watches. Leather as a material in straps is popular because of its durability, versatility and beauty, especially in the case of Italian leather in luxury watches.

With leather interchangeable straps, you have plenty of choices from the affordable patent leather to expensive Italian leather. You can even buy watches with straps made from exotic sources like ostrich, crocodile and snake, which have different textures than conventional leather.

The straps can come in two styles, namely, the conventional style and the wraparound style. Keep in mind that the wraparound style should not be worn with semi-formal outfits because of their bracelet-like appearance.

Comprehensive Selections

Several watch manufacturers have adopted the trend in watches with interchangeable styles. You should have little difficulty in finding two or more watches that will suit your personal style, available budget, and goals in collecting watches. Just two of the watches that you can purchase with the assurance of great quality, versatility and beauty are:

• Fossil’s Modern Machine Chronograph Leather Watch, which channels a masculine, rugged cool with a 1950s-inspired design and interchangeable 24mm watch straps in leather.

• Peugeot 699 men’s watch, which has an elegant look that can be transformed for a day-to-night style by changing the straps.

When wearing a watch with interchangeable straps, just remember that your outfit should dictate the style of your watch for a stylish overall look suitable for the occasion.

Bigger Arms Impress In And Out Of A Suit– Here’s The Plan To Bulging Biceps In 20 Minutes or Less

Bigger Arms Impress In And Out Of A Suit– Here’s The Plan To Bulging Biceps In 20 Minutes or Less

Bulging biceps make a man look and feel good in and out of a suit – and we all know the impact of self-confidence and self-assurance in a successful corporate warrior, an up-and-coming entrepreneur, or an aspiring executive. Here are a few exercises that will result in bigger arms with just 20 minutes of exercises at least 3 times a week.

Before performing these biceps-focused exercises, keep these tips in mind for best results:

• Push as hard you possibly can during each exercise.

• Adopt proper breathing techniques, such as inhaling during the resting phase and exhaling during the power phase. These techniques will ensure your stamina and endurance.

• Avoid using your body weight improperly.

• Perform warm-up and cool down exercises even when you only plan to work on your biceps for the session.

For each exercise, perform 3 sets with each set consisting of 6-15 repetitions. On the first set, perform drop sets – start with a normal set, follow with lighter weights for 6-8 reps, and end with the lightest possible weights for another 10-15 reps.

Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl

This is also known as the barbell curl or wide grip barbell curl.

• Stand with your torso upright. Hold a barbell on each hand; hold each weight at its wide outer handle with the palm of your hand facing forward. Keep your elbows close.

• Curl the weights forward but keep your upper arms stationary; only your forearms should move. Contract your biceps as you exhale.

• Continue the movement until your biceps are completely contracted while the bar is at shoulder level. Hold the position for a few second while squeezing your biceps as hard as possible.

• Bring the bar back to the starting position while inhaling.

Close-Grip EZ Bar Curl

This requires the use of an EZ Curl Bar.

• Assume the starting position as with the standing barbell curl. Hold an EZ curl bar at its closer inner handle with the palm of your hands facing forward and slightly tilted inwards. Keep your elbows close to your torso.

• Keep your upper arms stationary so that only your forearms move during the movement. Curl the weights forward and exhale as you contract your biceps.

• Continue the movement until your biceps are completely contracted. The bar should be at your shoulder level. Hold the position and squeeze your biceps hard.

• Inhale as you go back to the starting position.

Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl

This is also known as the alternating dumbbell curl.

• Stand with your torso upright. Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands with the weights held out at arm’s length. Keep your elbows close to your torso and your palms should be facing your thighs.

• Hold your upper arm stationary and curl the right weight while rotating the palm of your hands until these are facing forward. Continue to contract your biceps as you exhale until your biceps are completely contracted; the dumbbells should be at shoulder level. Hold the position for a few seconds but continue squeezing your biceps.

• Bring the dumbbell back to its starting position while you inhale. Twist the palms back to their starting position, too.

• Repeat the movement on your left hand to complete one repetition.

You can perform variations on all of these exercises, which will ward off both mental and muscle boredom. For example, you can perform the dumbbell alternate bicep curl while sitting on weight bench or perform it with both arms simultaneously.

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