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Men’s Summer Fashion 2014

Men’s Summer Fashion 2014

Are you looking for the latest men’s fashions and trends for summer?  Men’s summer fashion 2014 is filled with stylish, comfortable and affordable items for the everyday man who wants to look good. There are summer fashions for all types of men that range from flamboyant to conservative.

Most men would agree that many of the fashions that are seen on the fashion runways might be a bit eccentric for the average person who lives an ordinary life.    However, there are plenty of new summer 2014 fashions that will appeal to just about everyone’s taste.


There are plenty of different styles to choose from such as street style, for the office and even for a night out on the town.  However, one of the main trends for the summer revolves around a polished European style.  Think of it as being a preppy style with a twist.  This style works wonderfully for both the office and a night out on the town because you get to choose how casual or formal that you want to be.

One of the most popular fashion trends for the season is the thin tailored jacket.  Depending on your taste, jackets can be purchased in many different patterns and styles.  Wear them with chinos, loafers and a knit polo for a more casual look.  Pair it with a patterned button down shirt, and a pair of one pleat trousers for the office.  For a night at the ball game, pair it with a t-shirt, patterned shorts and a simple white sneaker.

There are so many ways change up the style with a simple tailored jacket.   However, if you really want to step up your game, the double breasted jacket is also another option for the office because it is making a huge comeback for summer.

Patterns and Prints

Surprisingly, prints and patterns such as polka dots, tie dye, camo, watercolours and even florals are very popular for men’s 2014 summer fashions.  The trick is to find your style and match it with existing pieces in your wardrobe.  Many of these prints are placed on background colors that are either light or dark.

So, there’s the option to be as conservative or flamboyant as you want.  For instance, a man’s floral print does not have to be flashy or obtrusive.  A nice floral print on a conservative black background would look wonderful under a business suit for a casual Friday at the office.

If floral prints do not suit your taste, then opt for the beautiful tie dye or watercolour prints that are popping at many men’s retail stores.  These are more conservative prints that appeal to most men.  However, they are all still very trendy for the summer season.


The new “in” color for the season is indigo.  This is a purplish blue color that is considered to be very crisp and refined.  It can be worn on all sorts of styles of clothing.  It does not matter if it is on a tailored jacket or for a pair of soccer shorts.  The color is the new trend.

Color blocking is also very popular in men’s fashions for summer 2014.  These are fashion items that have vertical, horizontal or diagonal patterns of colors in blocks.  Match them with plain shorts or pants.  Basically they are worn just like a regular t-shirt; however, if you are really fashion savvy, match them with other colorful flamboyant or conservative prints.

All in all, if you want to wear the latest men’s fashions for summer 2014, just remember the buzz words for the season such as tailored jackets, floral prints, patterned prints, European preppy, indigo, continental flair and color blocked. Not only are these fashions stylish and appeal to the average Joe Blow, but they are also very affordable too.

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