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“Lets face it…most of us guys are clueless in fashion and culture.” Founder Nick Tirnanich found himself in a very common predicament. We wanted to build a brand that is specifically designed for young men of all backgrounds. We wanted to provide an easy and pleasurable experience to the overly priced and out of touch lifestyle brands.

DudeMeUp is a lifestyle media company specializing in the young man’s fashion dilemma. With our omnichannel approach, DudeMeUp will provide a well researched itinerary for the consumer to purchase designated outfits. Along with an expansive multi channel presence, DudeMeUp will provide cyber consultations along with live makeover events.

Creative Director, Kelli Esquilin has been in the men’s fashion business for almost 10 years and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to expression and personal style.

“As a women I put time and effort into what I wear everyday. I take into account where I’m going, who I’m going with and who I am trying to impress (if anyone)! I would like the young men I spend my time around to do the same and that’s where DudeMeUp comes in.

“I know that as men you either don’t care or don’t know where to start. DudeMeUp will help you tackle both of these problems. As will I.


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